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What is crowdfunding in real estate?


What are the advantages of investing with VECTOR?


What is the difference between VECTOR and bank deposits and other financial instruments?


At the expense of what is the income of the investor?


What is the time limit for return on investment?


What income can you expect?


What taxes are imposed on investment income with VECTOR?


Does VECTOR pay interest on investor funds or investments?


What reward does VECTOR get?


Who can invest with VECTOR?


What is the process of buying property on the VECTOR platform?


What happens if VECTOR does not collect the necessary amount of funds for the purchase of an object?


How are investments structured?


What are the functions of the Management Company?


How can I sell my share of real estate?


How is the checking and selection of objects?


Who and how manages objects after purchase?


What taxes will be levied on the monthly income received by the investor - an individual?


What is the advantage of investing through LLC?


What happens if the VECTOR falls into a difficult financial situation or ceases to exist?